Antonino Furnari


2014 – Current Worker training activity – RSPP – CSE
Trainer for workers in safety (legislative decree 81-08), fire prevention (dm 10-3-98), HACCP. RSPP and SGSL-18001 consultant; CSE construction site activities.

2014 Creation of the territorial training center Mr. Wolf Creativity
81/08 training activities, management of financing practices at Fonditalia, a bilateral joint body.

2010 Creation of Mr. Wolf Consulting and Mr. Wolf Creativity, companies active in the field of problem solving and supplies for companies, as well as the creation of events and advertising, marketing and graphics.
New businesses starting from 2014 in the 81/08 training area.

2009 Digitization, Organization and Archive Management Services for GEFI-CDIS for ENPAM account.
Analysis of E.N.P.A.M. real estate assets, cadastral and plant calculations and appraisals. Conformity certification

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