corso carrelli elevatori

Forklift Course

Self-propelled industrial forklifts are defined as any vehicle equipped with wheels designed to transport, tow, push, lift, stack or rack any type of load, and operated by an operator on a seat. The course for operators in charge of operating …

corso DPI 3° categoria

Third category dpi course

The 3rd category PPE course is carried out by workers who have to carry out work at height subject to the risk of falling from above. Workers must therefore use the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to prevent such risks. …

corso 1°soccorso gruppo B-C

1st aid course group B/C

The First Aid courses organized by Formazione81-08 in accordance with the indications of the Ministerial Decree n. 388/03, are designed and organized in compliance with the high ministerial standards required for the training of employees in the management of first …

Corso lavori in quota

Work at height course

The art. 107 of Legislative Decree 81/08 defines work at height as those tasks that expose the worker to the risk of a fall, from a minimum height of 2 meters, calculated from any floor considered to be stable. The …

Corso patentino FGAS

F-GAS license course

The refrigeration license is required by law (Presidential Decree No. 146 of November 16, 2018 pursuant to Presidential Decree 43/2012) and all installers and maintainers of air conditioning systems are required to have it in order to continue working. The …

Model all 2 DM 37-08

Declaration of conformity of the system to the state of the art For use by the internal technical offices of non-installation companies.