Corso patentino FGAS

F-GAS license course

The refrigeration license is required by law (Presidential Decree No. 146 of November 16, 2018 pursuant to Presidential Decree 43/2012) and all installers and maintainers of air conditioning systems are required to have it in order to continue working. The refrigeration license is valid for 10 years if issued to a single person, or for 5 years for certification to companies. The FGAS license, issued in accordance with EU Regulation 2067/2015 (formerly EC Reg 303/08), is recognized in all states of the European Union and is therefore called the European refrigeration license.

The recipients of the course are:

employees of companies to be trained before making them operational;
self-employed workers who intend to operate in the specific sector;
young people looking for work who intend to propose themselves with a specialization already acquired.

Duration 8 hours of training and final exam.

The course will be held on Wednesday
July 21, 2021.
Registrations are open
until July 19, 2021.

Cost € 600.00 + VAT per person.